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Third planting creates wetland at Domain gate

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Third planting creates wetland at Domain gate

Around 14 people turned up to today’s wetland plant by the Domain gate, despite the gusty squally weather. The area was a wetland in the 1930s and 40s, flooded on high tides, and full of big flax. It has been successively reclaimed from the sea, but is still inundated in high tides. It is also a run-off point when the Domain is soggy, and so it was today.

Over 600 plants went in and the oioi will no doubt thrive in this environment. Around the edges some Taupata, coprosma repens, were planted, and taupata and manuka plants were planted around the Domain wastewater treatment plant.

There are some regulars attending these plantings and also new people every time. The planting was followed by Fiona’s hot pumpkin soup, cooked just before Fiona went off overseas for her annual escape into the sun. The NZ Bio boys also cooked up some sausages.

piha plant small

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