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New discoveries made at old Radar Station

Posted by SCe Comments Off on New discoveries made at old Radar Station

Base of tower that held radar equipment during WW2 and after

Dr Miller Goss’s latest visit on the trail of radio astronomers Bolton and Stanley led to another site visit to try and trace the remains of some of the Radar Station infrastructure. In the meantime local historian Sandra Coney had found a map of the station showing where fences and buildings were located. During the war, and for many years after it, such plans had been suppressed for security reasons and indeed, very few photos are known of the Radar Station for the same reason.

The Station had two towers at the western-most point of the station for observation and to hold radar equipment.

Base of microwave equipment used for radar equipment

Today’s Marine Beacon is built on the foundations of the larger tower, and a previous visit had located two of the foundations of the smaller tower.

After some false starts, the two other foundations were located largely buried under soil. More importantly, the base of the microwave equipment was found showing the wiring still intact but cut.

The Radar Station site continues to reveal its secrets!

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