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Terrible weed enlarging its grip at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Terrible weed enlarging its grip at Piha

Climbing dock in Seaview Road.

If you have wondered about the showy red climber on both sides of Seaview Road at the Pendrell Road intersection it is a very bad weed called Climbing dock or Rumex sagittatus. You can find out more by going to Pest Plants A-E  and scrolling down to Climbing dock.

This is spreading in all directions and its light-weight seeds means it could well blow much further afield and into the parkland.

Best method of control is to pull down and hand remove the green growth and track the stems back to the large kumara-like tubers in the ground. Dig these out and dispose in the weed bin.

Maybe affected neighbours could get together and have a working bee.

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