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Sweeping all before – Champion Piha Boaties

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Sweeping all before – Champion Piha Boaties

It doesn’t get better than this. Look at that tightly disciplined technique of the Piha Pirates crew (closest to camera), Horse on the sweep, with the Australian Tannun crew behind (in a Piha-borrowed boat).

Piha crew are the newly crowned kings of surf-boating in Australasia so this was a big one to win, and they did it,  in big, tough surf.

Wins in both the Open Men’s and Under-23s gave Horse the double-sweep victory.

Piha has now firmly established itself as the creme de la creme top surf boating club in New Zealand. Shows what a goal, successional planning,  dedication, practice and inspiring leadership can do.

Results were:

Piha 1st Champion Surf Boat Club

Open Men’s 1st Piha A

Under-23s Piha Pistols

Under-19s Piha Chargers


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