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Roadside trees in Piha in need of protection

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Roadside trees in Piha in need of protection

These pohutukawa on North Piha Road are at risk of damage from large vehicles.

Some roadside Pohutukawa trees in Garden Road took a battering recently when a truck moving building materials smashed its way through. Concerned residents who complained to the Auckland Council were told by Helen Biffen of Parks: “Local authorities are required to provide an open envelope within the road corridor which reaches 4.25m high and 300mm from the road edge.  This prevents this type of damaging occurring.  I would like to request that if you require height restrictions to be put in place in for any roads, that you approach Auckland Transport for advice.  Parks doesn’t have any authority over this issue.”

Karekare has greater height restrictions to protect its trees – ironically it actually has fewer overhanging trees than Piha with its many beautiful roadside pohutukawa. It appears the only way to prevent this is to have specific roads specially protected, the same as Karekare.

I’ll report back on the mechanism and process for this to occur.

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