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Rainfall at Piha and other wonderful things

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Rainfall at Piha and other wonderful things

I have been using the Auckland Council’s GIS maps for the last couple of years, which is being enhanced all the time.

And, hey, check this out!

Here’s the link  http://maps.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/aucklandcouncilviewer/

From there, go to Tools, then Environmental Monitoring. Where it says Select Site, go to Piha Rain

Piha Rain Guage

What you’ll find there is an online rain guage which gives you pretty well live reports on rain at Piha as well as cumulative information for the year. As of today we have had 137 mm of rain. No surprise there!

The guage is located on regional parkland near the old Piha School, hence the horses in the picture above. A really great service. You can also check out other environmental information at other places in the Waitakere Ranges.

Rainfull for the year at Piha to 5 February 2011

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