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Pup from pound becomes kauri dieback super-sleuth

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Pup from pound becomes kauri dieback super-sleuth

Purina pupsOn this week’s Purina pound pups to dog stars on TV1 was the heart-warming story about Paddy, a gorgeous golden lab that had been starved, beaten and confined, before being rescued and taken to SPCA.

Highly aggressive around food, Paddy was faced with euthanasia, but was rescued by dog whisperer, Mark. With a hyper-sensitive nose, Paddy was trialled as a dog that could beĀ used for sniffing out kauri die-back. He showed that with minimum training he was suitable for the job. Training with Auckland Council kauri die-back adviser, Stacey Hill, showed that the pair bonded and Paddy could sniff out the kauri killing disease, a job that normally means laboratory tests taking two months. A heart-warming tale with a happy ending


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