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Protect Piha Heritage Society Inc

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Contact email protectpihaheritage@gmail.com


Community Mail Box 3, Piha


  • Holds regular seminars and workshops on matters to do with the natural and historic heritage of Piha
  • Publishes monographs, books
  • and documents on the historic heritage of Piha
  • Works on natural heritage projects, for example, pest control
  • Holds events to celebrate heritage of Piha eg Piha Mill Gala Day
  • Makes submissions on matters affecting Piha heritage


2.         VISION

The Society will be a charitable body which will promote guardianship of the character, heritage and traditions of Piha as an iconic West Coast black-sand surf beach and self-reliant coastal village enclosed by dramatic landforms and forested ranges, which offers respite and the ability to be ˜one with nature’ to locals and visitors. The Society will strive to ensure that development does not lead to urbanisation and commercialisation that may undermine the natural, cultural and historic values of the Piha area, resulting in the loss of the experience of being located on the wild edge of the great Tasman Sea.

3.         OBJECTIVES

3.1       To protect and enhance the character and heritage of Piha, including its natural, cultural and historic values.

3.2       To provide education and information to enhance appreciation of the character of Piha and its natural, cultural and historic heritage.

3.3       To promote, support and undertake projects to protect and enhance the natural heritage of Piha.

3.4       To promote protection of features and sites of natural, cultural and historic heritage importance.

3.5       To undertake research, publish, hold workshops and organise events to promote the aims of the Society.

3.6       To cooperate with other organisations with similar objectives to achieve the aims of the Society.

3.7       To do any or all such things as are necessary to advance the aims of the Society.

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