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Piha’s veteran guard still on patrol

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha’s veteran guard still on patrol

Brian Webber, senior member of the Webber family, hit the headlines in the Western Leader out west with a celebration of his being, at 70,  the oldest patrolling lifeguard on the beach. Three generations of Webbers have served the club in various roles, Brian’s son Jonathon is the hot-shot emergency care expert at Piha club. Jonathon is a registered nurse and paramedic and teaches emergency care to young docs. He designed Piha’s outstanding first aid room, that has provided the model for clubs around New Zealand.

Dad Brian started with belt and reel and was in the pioneering helicopter squad. He also got into jetboats, the Webbers having a tradition of running boats and fishing. In the 1990s he was chairman of the club, during the period the new clubhouse was built. His father Claude had held the same post in the mid-50s. Brian was made a Life Member in 1991, and he is still one of the greatest swimmers on the beach. He knows the surf backwards and you did get into trouble, you couldn’t wish for anyone more skilled to get you into shore.

Have a look at the Western Leader front-page story here. Brian Webber Article

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