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Piha’s history revealed

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha’s history revealed

I’ve added a lot of new history on the site about people and places at Piha. In the course of my ongoing research, I’ve found out new and interesting things about the people and events of Piha of the past. For example, did you know:

  • Mrs Ketterer had a husband, Conrad, a watchmaker and jeweller, who always gave Piha as his address and on his death went from Piha to Auckland Hospital. Did you ever meet him?
  • Mrs Ketterer did not start her beachfront store on her own. In 1933 her brother Herbert William Taylor wrote to the Marine Department describing himself as the first storekeeper in Piha. He wanted to put advertising signs for cigarettes and things on Lion Rock. He changed his mind after protests from the locals.

If you have anything to add or correct contact me at s_coney@xtra.co.nz

Here’s a few new posts to look at.

The Cowans of Piha, the original settlers in Piha Valley, with the Nesses.

All about stores at Piha. The history of Piha’s stores from the Mill Store to the Piha Store and everything in between.

The history of the Piha Domain. How the land was put together for Piha’s central open space.

How the phone got to Piha. Read about the epic do-it-yourself task to get the lines out to Piha and Karekare through the bush.

Merv and Rene Otto. Mr Piha Fix-It and the woman they called “Mum”

Consuelo “Kay” Ketterer. Piha’s matriarch and her background, along with Conrad and George Ketterer

Snow and Dot Mercier. More Piha personalities of the 50s.

W Laird Thomson. Learn about the man who gave the land – and his name – to one of Piha’s tracks

Les Barker. The man who ran to Piha and started a tradition taken up by Lydiard



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