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Piha the winner with number of groups

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha the winner with number of groups

I have frequently quoted that Piha has 26 community groups, a numberĀ I counted up a few years ago. I’ve heard people quoting this number too, so I thought I’d list all the groups. Right now I can remember 26, so if you can name more, let me know at email s_coney@xtra.co.nz

Beach Valley Road Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Indoor Bowls

Keyhole Board Riders

North Piha Campers Club

North Piha Water Supply Inc

Piha Board Riders

Piha Bowling Club

Piha Coastcare

Piha Community Hall Society

Piha Community Library

Piha Community Preschool

Piha Deep Sea Fishing Club

Piha Fire Service

Piha First Response

Piha Kidz Charitable Trust

Piha Neighbourhood Watch

Piha Playgroup

Piha Ratepayers and Residents

Piha RSA

Piha Sports

Piha Surf Life Saving Club

Piha Tennis Club

Protect Piha Heritage

Safe Walking

United North Piha Surf Life Saving Club

West Coast Gallery


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