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Piha R&R AGM

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The Piha Ratepayers and Residents AGM elected a new committee consisting of:

President Graham Webber

Vice-President Ken Cowan

Secretary Monique Olivier

Committee Dale Kaiser, Helen Pearce, Graham Caley, Jan O’Connor, Alberto Bonini

In Matters Arising, there was discussion of the fireowrk problem, and I put a motion that was passed unanimously, ‘That the Piha R&R continue to support the banning of fireworks in Piha through regulatory measures and education”. There was also a vote of thanks to the Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade for their stirling work in fighting fires such as the oneat the Lookout on the main road that occured on New Year’s Eve.

As at last year’s AGM, there was discussion of the matter of the ownership of the library and its funds. A clear steer was given to the new R&R Committee that it should negotiate a resolution of the library issue with the new Library Trust  “that reflects the ongoing ownership of the Library premises by the Piha R&R Association”. The meeting rejected the proposal to remove the library assets from the R&R accounts and asked the incoming committee to develop a proposal which would come to a Special General Meeting.

The final resolution was a rejection of formalising parking from the Library to Little Lion Rock Corner as part of the Footpaths Project with support for retaining this stretch of road as an informal pedestrian precinct.

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