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Ongoing management of the Wekatahi and Marawhara

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Ongoing management of the Wekatahi and Marawhara

marawhara joinedOn the agenda of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board meeting for 27 March 2013 is longer term management of the Wekatahi and Marawhara Streams on North Piha Beach.

The report outlines how the streams joined in 2003 and started to undermine the Marine Parade North. Works to separate and straighten the streams was undertaken in 2004, however, by mid-2011 the streams joined again and started to push southwards, eroding the dune and moving towards the roadway once again.

With varied views from the community about what to do, the Local Board had a number of stakeholder meetings where agreement was reached that action would be taken if the streams reached a particular trigger point.

Realignment works were carried out in May 2012.

Recently the streams have joined again, but further down the beach, a reasonably large dune having been established between the streams which is holding the joining point further down the beach.

The report seeks to get approval for what action to take in the future. Three options are proposed:

Option 1 Undertake works when required to keep the streams in defined channels

Option 2 Separate the streams when they join

Option 3 Only separate the streams when they reach a trigger point

Option 3 is recommended by officers as the preferred option.

For the full report go here http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/SiteCollectionDocuments/aboutcouncil/localboards/waitakererangeslocalboard/meetings/waitakererangesag20130327.pdf

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