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North calls in at Piha and talks to Sandra

Posted by SCe Comments Off on North calls in at Piha and talks to Sandra

Marcus Lush’s new programme North was passing through Piha on Sunday 27 February and who should show up on it, but yours truly.

I got to tell two stories:

  • The “body in the burning bach” about an insurance swindle in the 1930s that involved exhuming a body from Waikumete Cemetery and setting fire to a Piha bach with the body inside. My Mum and Dad were on their honeymoon in our bach and were some of the locals to try and put the flames out
  • The day two Hermosa Beach lifeguards turned up at Piha and revolutionised surfing with their Malibu boards.

If you missed the programme you can watch it here http://tvnz.co.nz/north/s1-e2-video-4032565

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