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Nominating trees for scheduling

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Nominating trees for scheduling

I have been asked if individuals and groups can nominate significant trees for scheduling directly to the Auckland Council of the Local Board does not want to take nominations. The Council would much rather they went to Local Boards, but if your Local Board is not doing this, you can send direct to Council, see below a message from Doug McKay, CEO of Auckland Council.


In order to keep the work load manageable the Planning and Urban Design Forum suggested that we used Local Boards to identify potential trees for scheduling rather than seeking  nominations for scheduling  from the wider community. It also asked  officers  to work with the Tree Council.  To date  officers  have met with the Tree Council and with about one third of the Local Boards.  1290 trees have so far been nominated, and a team of arborists  commence work this week to assess these.  Officers  have told boards that if they wish to make the process more public they can do so.   Officers   have also advised individuals who have phoned in wanting to nominate trees that they can do this through their local boards in the first instance or they can send it direct to the Team Leader Operative Plans -Central at the council.  That is, we will take direct nominations from members of the public.    Regards     Doug McKay
Chief Executive
Visit our website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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