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New waste service coming to Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on New waste service coming to Piha

The waste collection is changing all over Auckland in the next few months. In Piha people can either continue with the orange bags as usual or move to using a bin. The bin to use is the old blue bin we hadĀ for recycling.

If you want to use the bin, you must attach a tag to the handle. You can buy the tags anywhere you purchase orange bags, cost as yet undecided.

People out west pay a targeted rate of $102 for waste and on top of this, user pays, paid for through the orange bags or the tag.

Tags cannot be removed from the handle without destroying it, so anyone who tries to steal it will end up with nothing. Rubbish collectors will remove the tag. If there is no tag on a bin it won’t be collected.

If you have lost your old blue bin you can ask for a new 120 litre red and green bin.

You continue to use the large green bin for recycling.

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