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Message from the Surf Club

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Hi all

This week has been a busy one. Firstly I would like to thank the Piha SLSC Emergency Call Out Squad for their quick response to the emergency call out on Monday night to the 15 people in Pakiti rip. The modern way of patrolling for a life guards is all about preventative actions, (PA’s) as we all know. We are trained and much prefer removing people from the water before they get into a very dangerous and serious situation which may result in drowning and us having to try and revive the person by means of CPR. A lot of us have removed other people from situations that they deemed not dangerous and not understood why. Thanks to our training and knowledge we are able to guard and save them from the dangers unknown to them.

 A big thank you goes out to Duncan Clarke, Ross Cunningham (who just happened to be out at the beach celebrating his 50th birthday) and Jonathon Webber for removing the members of the public from an increasingly dangerous situation that they were getting themselves into. May you all continue to remove the public from potentially dangerous situations so they may return to their families and enjoy returning to the beach for many more fun filled days.

 Due to this event being shown through the TV media, some of you have advised that you are being asked about what happened on Monday. As with any event that happens within Piha SLSC and Surf Life Saving that is serious goes to the media, all questions and enquires should be directed towards the Club Captain and/or General Manager. If people continue to question or talk to you about any situation regarding events related to Piha SLSC and/or Surf Life Saving, please contact the Club Captain and/or General Manager immediately and we will take care of it for you. You should not be put into any situation that could affect your relationship with Piha SLSC and/or SLSNZ.

 Club Captain                                                                       General Manager

Tony Featherstone                                                         Tony Johnston

021 886 380                                                                         022 462 7442

tonyfeatherstone@gmail.com                                   pihasurfclub@gmail.com

 Now, this weekend the newly formed Piha IRB Race Teams head out to the Nationals. All the best to Tom Jacka, Duncan Buchanan and their teams. I look forward to seeing the medal that you have promised to bring back.

 Day light savings finishes on Sunday so we all get an extra hours sleep, s don’t panic if you turn up for patrol and no-one’s there. You just didn’t put you clock back an hour.

 We are now patrolling as per Off Peak season so patrol times are;

                                Saturday’s           1100 ” 1600

                                Sunday’s              1100 ” 1600 as nippers has now finished.

Remember that if you can’t make a patrol you need to let your Patrol Captain know and you are responsible for finding your replacement.

 Patrolling this weekend is;

                Saturday;             F Patrol

                Sunday;                A Patrol

Nipper prize giving is this Sunday, 3rd April at the club from 1530. We hope to see all of you little ones out there.

 We have 12 candidates attending the SLS Award exam this Saturday. Good luck and I hope to see you all patrolling at the beach soon.

 Club Day has been set as there is now a free day on the SLS calendar. Club Day is on Saturday, 16th April. So it’s now time to make sure you’re up to the events and the Piha Challenge as patrols will go head to head to see who the best patrol is. Oh and there is the BBQ and drinks afterwards as well. So don’t let your patrol down by not turning up. Show the other patrols why your patrol is the best patrol. The event timetable will be sent out soon but it is looking like the day will be shorter so we can get into the celebrations sooner.

 ANZAC Parade at Piha on Monday, 25th April at 1400. We have again been asked to be involved in the ANZAC Day March pass. It is a great way to show our respect to those from the Piha community that have lost their life so that we can live the life that we have. If you would like to be involved in this please meet at the club at 1330 in full uniform, so nippers in nipper uniform, rookies in rookie uniform and guards in patrol uniform and then we will move to the RSA so we can join the March at 1400. Parents and family are also invited. For the parents and other family members, if you could wear some form of Piha SLSC clothing. Don’t panic if you don’t have any.

 The fundraising committee still have to chase people with outstanding money for Piha calendars. They have the list of who still has calendars and/or money. If you are one of these people, please contact either Kerry Armistead armitstead@xtra.co.nz or Debi Jacka john.jacka@xtra.co.nz ASAP to have your name cleared. Thanks to all of those that have sold their calendars and handed in the money. Also from the fundraising committee, there are only 23 cases of Sauvignon Blanc left at $180.  Beautiful wine ” put some away for a special function, grab some for birthday presents during the year. So contact Deb Camplin dcamplin@unitec.ac.nz to secure your bottles. They will also work well to get you through the long winter nights till summer comes back around.

 First Aid trainings are currently underway and Abbi has organised a radio course for Sunday, 10th April, which needs to be completed before you sit your IRB exam and there is an IRB exam on Sunday, 8th May. If you would like to be placed on a course please contact Abbi aman144@aucklanduni.ac.nz 

 If you would like to purchase a Patrol Jacket, Rash Shirt or any of the SLSNZ bags ” details in the attached flyer, please contact Brad Laloli on – laloli_family@yahoo.co.nz  to let him know what you would like to order.  Brad will supply the payment details for you.  The cut off date for orders will be Friday 1 April. See attachment SLS Merchandise. If you would like to purchase a fin belt, fin savers or Redback fins you can do so online at http://www.bodyline.co.nz/shop/SLSC/Accessories.html

 For those of you with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, there is a new app available that identifies 718 locations around the country where AED’s are. This is a great app for you to have available. There are a further 173 locations to be loaded so keep it up-to-date as you will never know when you have to give someone CPR and knowing where the closest AED is could be the difference to a successful CPR. Here is the link to follow http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aed-locations/id424094430?mt=8&ls=1 Thanks to Gareth Jenkins for doing this.

 Have fun and be safe.

 Kind regards,

Tony Featherstone

Club Captain ” Piha Surf Life Saving Club

Mobile:  +64 21886380

e-mail:   tonyfeatherstone@gmail.com

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