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Marawhara & Wekatahi – message from Auckland Council

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A message from Auckland Council

In March 2013 the Waitakere Ranges Local Board agreed to put trigger points in place that monitor the need to retrain the Wekatahi and Marawhara Streams.The trigger points were determined by Auckland Council Coastal Management Services and Local & Sports Parks West, and allow for short term movement in the stream and dune profiles, while also retaining a significant dune buffer against potential storm impacts.

The streams have meandered south again and are close to eroding the southern dune face. A survey inspection of the trigger points on 3rd October 2014 determined the erosion was approximately 5 metres (northern) and 15 metres (southern) away from the respective trigger points. Consequently, realignment works to retrain the two streams into separate channels will be required in the near future.

Auckland Council is preparing to carry out retraining works to ensure we are in a position to act quickly once the triggers are reached. The retraining works will involve the creation of two new channels for the streams to exit directly to the sea. These works will be similar to those carried out in 2012 where the sand removed to create the new channels will be used to infill existing channels. The intent this time is to deposit more sand between the streams in order to shift the stream merge point seaward over time and potentially avoid future retraining exercises.

In accordance with costal management best practice, the minimum physical works will be undertaken to achieve the realignment. Works are predicted to take approximately 5 days. If the works are not required prior to Christmas, the retraining works will not be scheduled until after the busy summer period. You will be updated further when the triggers have been reached and dates have been set for retraining works.

If you have any queries regarding this project please contact Kaitlyn White on 09 3010101 or e-mail kaitlyn.white@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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