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Lights at night

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Lights at night

Haven’t heard from anyone about those bright white lights from Whites Beach way, though others have told me they’ve seen them too. So it wasn’t too many sav blancs!

Friday night at the Bowler heard from others the’ve seen golden ball-like lights out to see from North Piha on more than one occasion.

What are they, please solve the mystery? s_coney@xtra.co.nz

Last night a hugely lit up fishing boat was anchored not far off the Lion. It was gone by morning. We’d seen it push slowly up the coast during the afternoon. Which reminds me that while we were waiting for the Spirit of New Zealand to sail up the coast from the Manukau a few weeks ago, we saw not one but two big yachts go past. A rare sight on this coast.

After all the rain yesterday and at times fierce winds from the north, today is all benign. Clear blue sky, so sunny you need a sunhat, all the bush gleaming and glistening, washed clean. A huge brown slick on the coast from all that silt washed down from the hills, we figure it must have been heavier there.

Another day in paradise. Some gorse chopping beckons.

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