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Jess’s Farewell Saturday

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Organised Piha SLSC

Because we are expecting a large number of people the following memorial service plan has been agreed to. 

11am Start.

Piha Beach. We hope to have this outside if weather allows

We will have welcome speakers ” family and friends can say a few words. 


Friends and family will be asked to make their way down to the beach to place a flower in an IRB.If surf allows clubbies will take crafts out the back Ski’s, Boards, Boats, IRBs. These will form a formation line. Flowers will be placed in the sea to remember Jess.

If surf too big we will do the same on land.  

1.30-1.45ish On beach to remember Jess. Minute silence. 

Lets say See you later Jess” in true Piha sprit. Some of  Jess’s favourite songs will be played. 

2ish. Back to the Club for light food and refreshments. Stories to be told.

Note: Jess parents requested this memorial be recorded for eternity. Eric (Piha Rescue) will kindly film this. Copies will be sent to Jesse’s friends and family that could not make it for this special day. 

  • This will be a time to share stories with friends and take comfort in having all of Jess’s friends around us.
  • Jess loved Tie Die, Tassels and Hippy clothes so if you want to dress up, keep it bright and colourful.
  • Jess loved Jandals so if you have pair wear them.
  • Can everyone attending please bring a plate of food to share.
  • If you would like to bring a flower to have tossed in the sea from the IRB’s please bring one along.
  • Wear your Piha Beanie around you neck.
  • We ask that everyone please park over by the bowling club to keep the front of the club clear.

The carpark in front of the Surf Club will be closed and people are asked to park in the Domain.


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