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Have your say on Council’s Long Term Plan 2024-2034

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Have your say on Council’s Long Term Plan 2024-2034

I have put together this submission which addresses the LTP. Feel free to borrow from it. It does contain some non-Waitakere subjects particular on parks, Port of Auckland and airport shares. Click on the link below to see my submission……

LTP S Coney

This LTP is nearly 1000 pages of material with some subjects split between several places in the documents. There is a consultation document and Supporting Information to be seen at akhaveyoursay.nz/ourplan. The online form/feedback form the Council wants you to use constrains and channels the submitter’s views, and leaves no space for other viewpoints. In particular, although the Council puts forward 4 options for the level of the Natural Environment Targetted Rate, on the online form it only asks what you think about the option it wants.

Rather than fill out the form, you can write your own submission any way you want.

Submissions close 11.59 pm 28 March 2024.

You can send your submission to akhaveyoursay@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Or you can drop your submission at your local library or post to Auckland Council, Freepost Authority 182382, Private Bay 92300, Auckland 1142

If you want a Word version of the submission email me at s_coney@xtra.co.nz

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