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Handrail fix canned

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Handrail fix canned

When Auckland Transport built the wooden fences alongside the footpaths in the upper part of Seaview/Piha Road near the corner of Pendrell Road, the contractor got it wrong and built them 100mm too low.

Auckland Transport then proposed to the Piha Residents and Ratepayers and Walksafe Piha that a repair be made, amounting to a timber addition along the top rail to raise the height.

This has been done uphill of the Rayner Road corner so we are able to see how heavy and clunky the effect is.

However, both the R&R and Walksafe Piha have rejected this, and it appears that Auckland Transport has listened. Today (17 February 2012) they have announced no remedial work will go ahead.

The only remaining work to be done by Auckland Transport is the continuation of the footpath from the bridge at the bottom of Seaview Road some distance up Glen Esk Road. Let’s hope it’s not bright white concrete – maybe a bit of aggregate and oxide would help dull the bright white effect.

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