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Guide to submitting on draft Regional Parks Management Plan

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Guide to submitting on draft Regional Parks Management Plan

At the end of last year, the Auckland Council released a new Regional Parks Management Plan which is out for consultation until 4 March 2022.

This the document which guides how regional parks are managed and the 17,000 ha Waitakere Ranges Regional Parks is one of them. The document has an introductory “book” which contains generic policies for all the parks. This is followed by Book 2 where each individual park has specific policies. The Waitakere Ranges is under “W”and then lists all the separate locations from Anawhata to Whatipu.

Sandra Coney was chair of parks when the past RPMP was completed in 2010 and was the first Chair of the Parks Forum in the Auckland Council. She has gone through the Draft Plan with an eye for where changes need to be made both within generic policies and within the section on individual parks.

She makes the point that this is a very large document with appendices and maps and that some external documents also matter for the Waitakeres with particular reference to track standards and kauri dieback. She says she wont have spotted every policy that needs commenting on, but this will help you on your way.

RPMP 2022 intro

RPMP 2022 Waitakere parks

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