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Guardrail proposal at lookout dumped

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Guardrail proposal at lookout dumped

The controversial proposal for a guardrail before the lookout on Piha Road (near 101 Piha Road), has ended with Auckland Transport not going ahead.

The proposal was opposed by the Waitakere Ranges Local Board and the Piha Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association. Both were concerned about the impact on the scenic values of the site.

Subsequent to public consultation, Auckland Transport undertook additional geotechnical investigation to confirm the feasibility of the guardrail installation.

Auckland Transport has reported that due to the unforeseen ground condition, the cost to install this guardrail has significantly increased and cannot be justified at this stage.

Auckland Transport says it is aware that there is a hazard at this location which remains unprotected. It will continue to monitor the situation and if deemed necessary, the installation of the guardrail may be revisited.

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