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Green Rig at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Green Rig at Piha

If you are wondering about the Green Rig parked in Piha Domain tomorrow to tell you about the environment and the Unitary Plan, there are a few facts and a little bit of history. This is the rig’s first outing for Auckland Council.

The rig is a 17 metres long articulated truck and trailer. It is fitted out with interactive displays about environmental protection.

It was bought from Horizons Regional Council by Auckland Council late last year at a cost of $185,000. The purchase was made under delegation and councillors did not get to vote on it. Some felt the sheer scale of thing sent confusing messages about protection of the environment.

Originally, Horizons paid $1.2 million to buy and fit out the rig and it costs $104,000 a year to run.

The rig will negotiate Piha Road early in the morning and go back with the traffic late afternoon.

Don’t get stuck behind it!

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