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Freedom camping bylaw would increase campervans in the Waitakeres

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Freedom camping bylaw would increase campervans in the Waitakeres

Auckland Council is consulting on a new freedom camping bylaw that would result in much increased freedom camping at Piha and other Ranges’ places. Piha would be particularly hard hit because it has beachfront carparks along most of the length of Piha and North Piha beaches.

Previously people could only freedom camp in designated places. The change has come about through the Govt’s Freedom Camping Act 2011 which says that freedom camping has to be much more widely available unless it is environmentally harm, raises health or safety issues or blocks public access.

The unexpected twist in the Govt’s approach is to say roads much be available. The Council is proposing to prohibit freedom camping in all reserves held under the Reserves Act and regional parks, but allow it in road reserves and carparks in roads which at places along the Tasman coast are already at a premium during weekends and the summer.

Vehicles must be self contained and can stay two nights in one place including the days between.

Submissions must be made by the end of 5 December 2021. The Council is taking written submissions and verbal submissions.


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