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Fire ban including fireworks

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Fire at Tasman Lookout, September 2008

Fire at Tasman Lookout, September 2008

Auckland Council has announced a total fire ban over the Auckland region, urban and rural. This follows fires set off by fireworks on the summit of Maungawhau ( Mt Eden), and a fire of several days duration at Great Barrier Island.

The ban means that no fires can be lit anywhere on private property or in public places.

The ban covers outdoor burning, fireworks, bonfires, hangi and umu.

It allows BBQs as long as these are located on places such as decks and on concrete and are closely supervised.

The Principal Rural Fire Officer, Bryan Cartelle, said the long spell of dry weather and the forecast for further dry weather with increased winds make the ban necessary.

Fire lighting is already banned in public places throughout Waitakere, including Piha. This means that fires and fireworks are banned on parks, beaches, carparks, including Piha beach, and the Domain. There is also a ban on all regional parkland.

However, throughout this summer season people have let of fireworks and launched burning lanterns from beaches and parks at Piha, often in the early hours of the morning. It is very easy for these to end up in bush, and cause fires. According to our volunteer fire brigade, many of the recent fires at Piha have been caused by celebratory letting off of fireworks.

Please do not allow people in your household or renters to risk these fires. The Council has contacted the surf clubs, Bowling Club and RSA to ask them to spread the word of ‘no fires at Piha’.

To report people breaching the ban, ring Auckland Council 09 3010101.

To report an actual fire, ring 111

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