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Fill the gaps

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Fill the gaps

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on some of the history of Piha. There is still much to learn and I’d like to hear from anyone who can help me fill the gaps.

I’ve put up bios of a number of former residents recently: Snow and Dot Mercier, W Laird Thomson, Consuelo Ketterer and Les Barker. You will find them here. Have a read and email me at s_coney@xtra.co.nz with any additions………..


Another area where I’ve done a lot of work, is the history of the stores at Piha. Have a look here and let me know if you can fill the gaps with the names of former owners of the Piha Store.


And here’s a photo of the Piha Country Women’s Institute about 1963.  Aren’t they marvellous? Can you help with who these women are?

Second from the right in the back row is Dot Mercier. In the middle of the front row is Eileen Murray. I think right front maybe  is Tineke Erdman.  Right back Jude Morton tells me is Rene or “Mum” Otto. But who are the others??? Update: Jan Barnes says centre back is Merle Ussher (nee Mobbs). Only 3-4 to go.

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