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Conserving Piha’s Roll of Honour

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Conserving Piha’s Roll of Honour

You may have noticed that our loved WW1 Roll of Honour on Lion Rock has taken on an odd appearance. The Auckland Council is undertaking restoration work on the WW1 Plaque situated on Lion Rock at Piha. The works started 21 June 2011, taking advantage of the fine weather, and may take 2 -3 weeks to complete. 

Due to its proximity to the sea, the plaque has suffered damage due to salt crystallisation and remedial works are required to arrest this damage. 

 Following concerns about the readability of the plaque, earlier this year a meeting was held at Piha of Auckland Council heritage officers, Cr Sandra Coney, Graeme Webber, president of R&R, Matt McMillan and Rodger Curtice of RSA, and regional parks officers . It was decided that the priority was to try and restore and conserve the Plaque as much as possible.

Prior to the ANZAC Day services 2011, the plaque was cleaned by a conservation technician and a method to remediate the salt crystallisation damage was proposed. 

An efflorescent poultice will be used to draw out the salt from the stone; this may require 2-3 treatments depending on the thickness of the stone. Further treatment may be required over time as part of a maintenance schedule.  The four bronze nuts will be cleaned and waxed to prevent further oxidization and to help prevent the copper staining on the stone. This localised staining will be removed with a copper poultice. Any loose lettering will also be repaired at this time. 

All physical works and methodology will comply with the NZCCM code of ethics and the ICOMOS charter. 

If you have any enquiries contact Blair Hastings, Team Leader Cultural and Built Heritage, at blair.hastings@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, or by phone on DDI 09 624 4744.

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