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Chorus holds public meeting

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15 March 2021

Chorus brings fibre broadband to Piha

Chorus is back on track to host its previously postponed public information session on fibre broadband and how to connect in Piha. This event was originally planned for February 23, however raised Covid alert levels meant it was unable to go ahead.

Once again subject to the country staying at Alert Level 1, the Chorus team will now be on hand at Barnett Hall on North Piha Road from 3pm to 6pm on Wednesday 31 March 2021 to answer residents questions about getting connected to fibre, why they should want to and how they could make the most of fibre in their home or business.

When Chorus’ fibre build completes this month, more than 800 homes and businesses in Piha will be able to connect to a world-class fibre broadband network.

“We are bringing world-class connectivity to Piha and in most cases getting connected is free,” says Andrew Carroll, Chorus General Manager of Customer and Network Operations.

“Fibre provides the broadband equivalent of an autobahn right to the door of homes and businesses, and it will future-proof Piha for the exponential growth in data usage that we expect to see continue for some time to come. That fibre plans are no more expensive than broadband plans using other technologies is an added advantage.”

Chorus’ role in the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband programme covers about 1.3 million homes, businesses, schools and medical centres across the country. By December last year, the average data usage across the nation had increased to 352GB per month – in 2011 this was nearer 10GB per month – and the average downstream connection speed has increased to 180Mbps.

“Now more than ever, Chorus has a critical role to play in keeping New Zealanders connected to fast, reliable broadband, particularly as demand continues to increase.

“Fibre, is how we internet now. Whether this is streaming our favourite shows or movies, online gaming or even simply browsing the web or emailing. What is common in most homes now is that multiple devices are connected at the same time and this is where the performance of fibre shines,” Mr Carroll says.

A mailer will be delivered to each property that explains how to connect to fibre. This is easily done online or with a call to their broadband provider, simply ask for fibre.

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