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Champions in big boats

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Champions in big boats

!cid_5AB5A5B0-8454-4EA8-9592-516B5E3F596AReigning champions, Piha A, has emerged victorious as open men’s surf boat champs at the nationals at Mt Maunganui yesterday (8 March 2013). Piha Pistols also cleaned up the under-23 surf boat title, with Piha Pirates third. Piha Pedators were 2nd in under-19 men’s.

Piha A’s team was Scott Lissington, Chris Morris, Benjamin Richards, Nen Scott and Mark Bourneville.

Piha Pistols was Cedric Bourneville, Ludoivic Bourneville,  Bejamin Richards, Oliver Sawbridge, Jean-Paul Smit and Mark Bourneville.

Piha Pirates was Ben Flight, Rhye Jacka, Nicolas MacKenzie and Shamus O’Halloran.

Piha has surely regained its historic pre-eminence in the surf boat, under the leadership of Horse. Will a similar leader emerge to take Piha to the front again in the surf skI?

Kirsty Wannan was 2nd in the open women’s surf race.



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