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Call-out to fires at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Call-out to fires at Piha

Despite a total fire ban, fires were lit on Piha beach (near Pakiti Rock) and at North Piha in front on the United North Piha Surf Club.

Both fires were lit at about 11pm and the fire crew was called to the one at Piha beach.

By the time they arrived, the people who had lit the fire had run off and torch lights were seen at Tasman Lookout.

Clearly, there are some elements at Piha, or visitors, who are reckless about the fire risk, and do not care that the volunteers who run the fire service get needlessly called out.

All local people need to enforce the ban with friends and family, and call 09 3010101 if they see illegal fires or 111 if a fire is in the bush.

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