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Call for submissions – Annual Affordable Art at Corban Estate Arts Centre

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Call for submissions – Annual Affordable Art at Corban Estate Arts Centre
Call for Submissions:
Annual Affordable Art exhibition ” Materially Concerned¦again
A gauntlet thrown down in challenge to all artists yet again ” the success of the 2007 Material Concerns exhibition has prompted a re-run¦
Sculptors, painters, potters, or jewellers have been asked to produce affordable pieces of jewellery or body adornment, made from materials not traditionally used for jewellery or adornment e.g. found objects, canvas, wood, paper, clay¦.
The challenge is to not only manipulate the materials but to create a desirable object by stretching the boundaries of meaning ” what makes an item precious? The materials? The artist who made it? Or subjective associations¦
Please send your submission idea’s to the curator on lisa@ceac.org.nz by 5pm Nov 18th.
Works will be chosen for inclusion and you will be notified on drop off dates and time the following week.
The exhibition will run from December 9th 2011 ” January 2012.
Submissions should include ” a description and explanation of the work/s you are submitting and images if the work is already made (we understand that some works may not be finished until just before the show so ask, if you aren’t submitting images of ACTUAL work then please send images of previous work to give the curator some indication of your practice).
Please also include with your submission some info about you, the artist (paragraph at the most is sufficient)
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