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Blessing for United N Piha surf club build

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Blessing for United N Piha surf club build

A small group gathered on the black sand of N Piha very early on morning of 26 October. The occasion was a blessing for the commencement of the build of a new lookout tower and the following build of a new clubhouse. The blessing was performed by Pita Turei for Te Kawerau a Maki using fire that burned brightly in the pre-dawn dark. Te Kawerau gifted the name Te Pae for the tower, meaning “The Heron’s Perch” or “Horizon”. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, only 10 people could gather, and there were two sessions at 5.30 and 7 am. The event was attended by the club president Rob Ferguson as well as other club members, Gareth Neilson and Chris Parsons, Local Board members Sandra Coney and Greg Presland and others.




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