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Reserve Plans at Piha

Here are the reserve plans for Piha’s parks. This one is the overall reserve plan that was developed for all the old Waitakere City parks in 2000. It was the result of much consultation with the community and covers every local reserve in Piha. Piha Reserve Management Plan This plan was developed by Jim Dahm  [ Read More ]

New proposed work for Domain at the lagoon

Auckland Council Parks West has released plans for the lagoon area of the Piha Domain. Problems trying to be solved are particularly dust arising from the road and deterring young men from performing wheelies on the grass. This area of the Domain by the Lagoon is supposed to be for informal recreation and parking. The  [ Read More ]

Piha Store

Run by Peter Chapman, the Piha Store is an institution.The original beach store, it was opened in 1945 by the Pople family. Since then, the Store has been the centre of the Village. The place where you get milk, the newspaper, groceries, ice creams, soft drinks, and in recent years, wonderful breads, pies and pastries  [ Read More ]

Piha’s heart – the village

Piha has a little village centre, consisting of the Piha Store, established in 1941, the Piha Post Office, Library, Domain campground and cafe. This is where locals, meet and linger. Brad delivers the newspaper to the Piha Store at 10 am (we hope), so that’s the time to arrive for a takeaway espresso, clear the mailbox, pick  [ Read More ]

Map of Piha and coast

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