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New dog bylaws for Piha

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In the last few months the Auckland Council has been developing proposed new regional policies and bylaws on dogs. The Council has inherited seven sets of dog bylaws from the legacy councils, and policies from the Regional Council, and is trying to roll them into one more consistent set of rules to make it easier for the public. The Council has to balance the needs of people without dogs to enjoy public places, with the needs of dog-owners to exercise their dogs and the protection of wildlife.

Bylaws relate to such things as registration, the number of dogs a person can own, desexing, and dogs that cause trouble.

Of particular interest to Piha, is what times and where on public places, especially parks and beachs, dogs can and cannot go and whether they need to be on a leash etc.

The main purpose of the current bylaw consultation  is what people think of the proposed standard (regional) set of hours and times of the year. It is proposed that where there are restrictions, that the standard hours of 10.00 am to 6.30 pm are applied. It is also proposed that the Summer season runs between the Saturday of Labour weekend and 31 March; and the Winter season from 1 April to the Friday before Labour weekend.

Otherwise the bylaws have not been altered significantly from the old Waitakere and ARC bylaws and policies. Following the consultation on the hours and times of year, Local Boards will make any changes on what can happen in particular places. They will have to seek submissions on any proposed changes to the rules on the local parks and beach. This is a bit complicated, but it means, for example, if you think dogs should not be allowed to go into an area where they can now, or vice versa, you can include that in your current submission, and  it will be referred to the Local Board, and they will run it from there.

The current state of the new draft dog bylaws makes them not easy to follow as there is a lot of crossing out of the old rules. The policies and bylaws will go out for public submission at the end of January, and Cr Sandra Coney, who represents Waitakere and chairs the Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum says it is important that people at Piha have a good look at them and say if the Council has got them right. 

“I am not convinced the Council is providing sufficient protection for wildlife,” says Cr Coney. “In particular, it is important that wildlife especially birds are given protection on the rocky platforms and remote parts of the beaches. Lion Rock and The Gap area are not sufficiently protected in my view. I will be interested to see what locals think. In fact, the map does not really match up with the words in the bylaw.”

The  Bylaw proposes that dogs are prohibited at the following places:

  • All year, on the beach and regional parkland at the north end of North Piha, from about the far carpark northwards
  • On Piha beach (including The Gap)  southwards of Lion Rock during the summer season from 10 am to 6.30 pm
  • Tasman Lookout Track
  • All picnic areas on regional parkland eg Glen Esk.

Dogs must be on-leash in the following places:

  • All regional parkland, except where dogs are totally prohibited (see above)
  • Piha beach, during summer, they can go on the beach on-leash before 10 am and after 6.30 pm, but not between those hours. In winter, they can go on the beach anytime. This includes The Gap 
  • North Piha (at any time of the year) from just north of Lion Rock to the dog-prohibited area at the north end of the beach

There is an all-day winter and summer (before 10 am and after 6.30pm) off-leash area on North Piha from south of the Wekataki to about the accessway from Les Waygood Park.

Summer season is between the Saturday of Labour weekend and 31 March

Winter season is 1 April to Friday before Labour weekend.

Below is the whole Policies and Bylaw.

Pages of particular relevance to Piha are:

Page 51 Waitakere Regional Park

Page 57 Piha beach

Page 73 Map 2 of Schedule 3 showing Piha beach See here p 73 Statement of Proposal for the Review of Policy and Bylaw on Dogs

To look at the draft policies and bylaws, go here regulatoryandbylawscomagitem1420111209

For Frequently Asked Questions, go here faqpolicybylawdogs


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