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Dogs at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Dogs at Piha

Western Leader’s Vanita Prasad reported on the dog issue but didn’t quite understand the rules. My concern is that the Gap area is treated the same as Piha beach, whereas in my view dogs should be prohibited around the rocky reefs of Taitomo Island and The Gap. This area is part of the regional park, whose boundary runs straight down from roundabout at Marine Parade South.┬áThe regional park abounds private property at The Gap. Birds nest in the rocky caves and crevasses, as well as use the beach. In my view it, and the end of North Piha, and Lion Rock, should be treated the same.


The new draft bylaw does not propose that the off leash area at North Piha would change. It is still an off-leash area during the daytime, and on-leash at all other times – presumably night-time!

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