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A walk on Ridge Road Track

After exhausting all the tracks west of Anawhata Road, it was time to start exploring the tracks east of the road which go into the interior of the Waitakere Ranges, the water catchment area bounded by Piha Road, Scenic Drive and Te Henga Road. The Ridge Road Track heads inland off the right of Anawhata Road,  [ Read More ]

A satisfying walk in the park, McKenzie and Maungaroa Ridge Tracks

For a satisfying round trip, here’s an option for a decent walk beginning and ending at Piha, taking in the McKenzie, Maungaroa Ridge Track and Maungaroa Lookout Track. It took us just over 3 hours and that included slow progress on the steep bits, stops to take photos and a sit down at McKenzie Junction  [ Read More ]

Glorious Kauri Grove Track

Yesterday (Saturday 3 March) went for a walk in the Waitakeres. After much looking at maps and arguing, we decided we would take the car up to Piha Road, and walk down the Lucy Cranwell Track and back up Kauri Grove Track,  both tracks we had not done before. It is constantly amazing that there are  [ Read More ]

Auckland Council closes Kauri dieback areas for protection

The Auckland Council Regional Development and Operations Committee on Thursday voted to close 13 Kauri Protection Areas throughout the Waitakere Ranges, involving 27 km of tracks, to try and halt to spread of phytophthora taxon agathis (PTA) which is killing kauri trees in the area. The areas chosen for quarantining are “clean” and so free  [ Read More ]

Waitakere Track closures from 14 October 2011

A number of walking tracks in the Waitakere Ranges will be closed from 14 October 2011 to 12 December 2011 to help prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease. The affected tracks are: Robinson Ridge Track, Wainamu Bush Track, Walker Kauri Track, Summit Track, Crusher Pipe Track, Destruction Gully, La Trobe Track, Lucy Cranwell Track and  [ Read More ]

Maungaroa Lookout Track

Starting halfway along Glen Esk Road on the left (look for the routered directional sign) is the Maungaroa Lookout Track. You cross the Piha Stream on an elevated wooden bridge (built high to avoid being swept away in this frequently flooding stream), then soon ascend steeply. This is a good cardio-benefit climb through mature bush, the land  [ Read More ]

Kitekite Falls

The Kitekite Falls are one of the most famous waterfalls in the Waitakere Ranges with six drops into a large lake-like pool at the bottom. The falls are reached by walking tracks at the end of Glen Esk Road. The usual route is to take the Kitekite Track by the large kauri stump which takes  [ Read More ]

Walks at Piha

Piha is surrounded by the Waitakere Regional Parkland so there are plenty of walks in all directions. You can pick up a map at either of the noticeboards at Glen Esk – which is the main entry point into the parkland – and at North Piha. They usually have some copies at the Library and  [ Read More ]