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Water Quality in Piha Lagoon remains poor

Auckland Council has just released the latest results for water quality at beaches in the Auckland region and the West Coast and the Manukau Harbour beaches have the unwelcome distinction of being the worst in the region. Piha lagoon, North Piha lagoon, Karekare lagoon, Bethells Beach lagoon and the beaches at Laingholm, Huia and Wood Bay  [ Read More ]

EPA turns down Trans-Tasman Resources sand-mining application

Today (18 June 2014), the Decision-Making Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency has turned down the application by Trans-Tasman Resources to carry out iron sand mining on the South Taranaki Bight. This is a big victory for KASM and all the other groups who lined up with submissions at the DMC hearings, including the Waitakere  [ Read More ]

“A Hoe” Coastal Paddle against sea-bed mining

Starting 15 November, surfer Dave Rastavich “Rasta” will paddle on an epic journey from Cape Egmont to Piha arriving here on 1 December. Dave is an internationally acclaimed surfer and environmentalist, founder of Surfers for Crustaceans, who will paddle the whole journey with guest paddlers joining him along the way to do specific sections. Dave  [ Read More ]

Our endangered dophins – Maui’s

While swimming out the back some years ago I was joined by some Maui’s dolphins. An unforgettable experience if a little scary at the time. They say they are small but a lot around a single swimmer got a bit lonely. Maui’s & Hector’s dolphins are the world’s smallest and rarest dolphins. Up until the  [ Read More ]

What’s happened to Pakiti?

The pool at Pakiti rock has all but disappeared and today I watched the appearance of a “sand island” out past Pakiti with folk playing hand-ball on it. A boat coming in had to land near the Camel. In Maori history a great sand island lay off the shore of Whatipu called Paorae, stretching from  [ Read More ]

Piha Whale Watch

Spotted by a visitor to the bach this morning (19 February) about 9.00am (have to confess still in bed myself), a large pod of whales and dolphins in Piha bay out beyond the end of  Camel Rock. Covering a large area, the creatures appeared as long dark shapes in the water with rounded fins, round  [ Read More ]

Marawhara and Wekatahi Streams – should they bother to separate?

The Auckland Council has postponed planned works on North Piha Beach to separate the Marawhara and Wekatahi Streams. About 5 years ago the Marawhara pushed southwards to join the Wekatahi, and because the greater force of water coming down the former, it threatened to undermine Marine Parade North, just south of the bridge over the  [ Read More ]

Working on improving on-site wastewater

For some years Waitakere City Council has been working with local communities to improve the quality of their waterways by upgrading and finding new technologies for on-site wastewater systems. Piha has some of the cleanest streams in the region in the parkland, but bad things happen when they enter the built area. An On-Site Wastewater  [ Read More ]