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Outstanding Vegetation Sites

Piha contains a number of Outstanding Vegetation Sites in the operative Auckland Council District Plan. Number 96 Piha, Piha Parklands, Along Whites Track, North Piha, Manuka scrub on rugged hill country 97 Piha, Piha Parklands, Taitomo Island, Coastal shrubland on exposed rocky coast. Only example in Waitakere Ecological District 98 Piha, Piha Parklands, On headland  [ Read More ]

Dune report discussed on Saturday

About 25 turned up at Piha surf club on Saturday25 August to hear dune ecologist Jim Dahmof Eco Nomos talk about his study of the sand dunes at Piha beach, and recommendations for ongoing management. Also in attendance were Waitakere Ranges Local Board members Judy Lawley, Greg Presland and Neil Henderson, Councillor Sandra Coney, and Parks  [ Read More ]

Vagrant spider saved from fire

This soft brown large friendly spider came in with the kanuka logs for the fire. Luckily it made itself know to us before it got biffed in the flames. It is a Vagrant Spider Uliodon spp. This spider has a 5 centimetre leg span and it has large fangs and can bite. It lives in  [ Read More ]

Large fast spider tries surfing

  On a walk along North Piha came across this spider actually in the wave zone on the shore. Auckland Council staff reckon its a Banded Tunnelweb Spider Hexathele hochstetteri, which is noted to be very fast which we observed as it raced around. This spider builds a tunnel shaped nest among leaves with “trip lines”  [ Read More ]

Environmental resources for Piha

Want to know what are the best plants to use if you are replanting in native plants? Here’s a brief handy outline of options and why you might choose them, prepared by the Auckland Regional Council. native plants to grow

Love that leaf litter

New Zealand coastal and rain forest usually develops dense leaf litter on the forest floor. Some Piha locals are raking out this litter and tidying up their forest. Here’s 11 reasons why it is best to leave it where it lies. Leaf litter catches and retains moisture. It acts as mulch, preventing the soil from  [ Read More ]

Recommended Protected Natural Areas at Piha

  Piha contains several areas that were recommended for protection by the Auckland Regional Council in its Natural Areas Programme. Taitomo Island ( Camel Rock) was classified as containing the ‘best and only’ coastal shrub land on exposed rocky coast. The rock is home to native toetoe and houpara as well as flax, leptocarpus sedge,  [ Read More ]

Trees for schedule

The Government’s removal of the ability of local government bodies to set general tree protection rules led to a request by Waitakere City Council for nominations for trees for protection. Although the Government’s policy did not apply to trees in rural areas, local group Protect Piha Heritage took advantage of the situation to put forward  [ Read More ]