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Third planting creates wetland at Domain gate

Around 14 people turned up to today’s wetland plant by the Domain gate, despite the gusty squally weather. The area was a wetland in the 1930s and 40s, flooded on high tides, and full of big flax. It has been successively reclaimed from the sea, but is still inundated in high tides. It is also  [ Read More ]

Water Quality in Piha Lagoon remains poor

Auckland Council has just released the latest results for water quality at beaches in the Auckland region and the West Coast and the Manukau Harbour beaches have the unwelcome distinction of being the worst in the region. Piha lagoon, North Piha lagoon, Karekare lagoon, Bethells Beach lagoon and the beaches at Laingholm, Huia and Wood Bay  [ Read More ]

Protests against oil drilling in the Tasman Sea

Around a thousand gathered on Piha Beach on 23 November in the Banners on the Beach protest against deep sea oil drilling. When the crowd lined up facing out to the Tasman where the Greenpeace protest boat Vega was confronting Anadarko’s exploration ship Noble Bob Douglas, the line stretched from Pakiti Rock to Lion Rock  [ Read More ]

New rules for SEAs?

The Auckland Council is considering new rules for Significant Ecological Areas after concerns raised by residents with SEAs on their properties. These are: Dead vegetation – Permit all removal of dead wood within SEAs Trimming and pruning – Permit clearance of vegetation in SEAs to 3m from a dwelling with no restriction on area and  [ Read More ]

Rastovich welcomed to Piha after epic paddle protesting sea bed mining

Dave Rastovich was welcomed onto Piha beach today (1 December) by Peter Turei after his epic 350 km paddle from Cape Taranaki to Piha to protest seabed mining on the West Coast. Arriving about 1.30 pm, Rastovich’s final leg was from Whatipu to Piha. Crossing the Manukau Harbour the day before, Rastovich had been joined by  [ Read More ]

That pesky vetch

I’ve noticed that rapidly growing weed pest, vetch, spreading around Piha. Spotted it in Beach Valley Rd and Rayner Rd. You can pull out a small infestation and keep pulling out any regrowth, but dispose of it carefully if it is at the seed stage. Alternatively, carefully spray with Glyphosate (Round-Up).

What God proposes, man disposes

Took advantage of a misty, rainy day to drift around Piha looking at this and that. Piha, of course, is her lovely self whatever the weather, as long as you don’t look too closely. The weed problems everywhere are chronic, with Alligator Weed now in the Marawhara and Wekatahi Streams and the Lily Pond. This weed  [ Read More ]

Rainfall at Piha and other wonderful things

I have been using the Auckland Council’s GIS maps for the last couple of years, which is being enhanced all the time. And, hey, check this out! Here’s the link  http://maps.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/aucklandcouncilviewer/ From there, go to Tools, then Environmental Monitoring. Where it says Select Site, go to Piha Rain What you’ll find there is an online  [ Read More ]

Love that leaf litter

New Zealand coastal and rain forest usually develops dense leaf litter on the forest floor. Some Piha locals are raking out this litter and tidying up their forest. Here’s 11 reasons why it is best to leave it where it lies. Leaf litter catches and retains moisture. It acts as mulch, preventing the soil from  [ Read More ]

Milk Track works

A highly intrusive bright white concrete drain has appeared alongside the Milk Track and the track has been covered for its entire width with a hardened surface. This is just the latest in the urban-style infrastructure that is appearing all over Piha, with apparently no regard to the natural beauty of Piha and the requirement to  [ Read More ]